Below is an incomplete list of zines we sometimes distribute or have in the past.


10 Preliminary Theses On Resistance

12 Things To Do Instead Of Calling The Cops

20 Theses On The Subversion Of The Metropolis

Accomplices Not Allies

Affinity Groups

Against Assemblies

Against Democracy

Against Gender, Against Society

Against Innocence

Agency Against Pipelines

Another Word For White Ally Is Coward

At Daggers Drawn

Autonomous Resistance To Slavery & Colonization

The Broken Teapot


Civil War Revisited

Communique From An Absent Future

Conflict In The Twin Cities 2017

Dangerous Spaces

Dear White People

Delusions Of Progress

Deserting The Digital Utopia

Dispatches From Minneapolis

Dispatches From Standing Rock

Do Riots Work?

Every Body Hates The Police

A Field Guide To Protests

Friendship Autonomy Resistance

From Democracy to Freedom

God Only Knows What Devils We Are

Guns Cars Autonomy

How To Start A Fire

Insurrectionary Anarchism

Keep Hoods Yours

London Calling

The Making of “Outside Agitators”

Mask Up: How & Why


Nine Theses On Insurgency

No Selves To Abolish

Permanent Suspension

Revolutionary Solidarity

Robot Seals As Counter-Insurgency

Selections From Nightfall

Spreading Disorder

Star Wars And The American Imagination

Ten Blows Against Politics

The Terrible Things We Do To Each Other

There Is No Unhappy Revolution

This Is Not A Dialogue

Towards The Queerest Insurrection

A Wager On The Future

Wanderings Of The Slave

War In The Streets Vol. 1

We Consent Not To Be A Single Being

We Demand Nothing

What Anarchists Have Been Saying For Years

When Insurrections Die

The Witch’s Child

Women In Uprising

Work Community Politics War

You Can’t Shoot Us All

ZAD, Commune, Metropolis